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Keeping your Workplace Well this Winter

December 2, 2016 by Niki Evans-Ward0

Keeping your workplace well this winter

For many businesses, winter can be a challenging time as employees succumb to cough, colds, flu and digestive/stomach problems. Your colleagues may view becoming ill in winter as inevitable, however, there is lots you can do to help improve office health and wellbeing.

Niki Evans-Ward

    • Provide fresh fruit as alternative to all the sweets and chocolate, it can help prevent the afternoon lull as well as providing essential vitamins for the immune system.
    • Keep your staff hydrated – get your teams to share recipes for seasonally infused water or herbal teas.
    • Provide a flu vaccination service for employees.
    • Ensure good hygiene and provide hand sanitisers and tissues to prevent the spread of germs.
    • Encourage employees to take a lunchtime walk. Keeping active can boost the immune system.

    FInd out how we can help keep your company happy and healthy throughout 2017 with our health and wellbeing services.

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